Ok – let’s begin

This obviously is my first post on this new blog I have created. Whether anyone else will ever read this blog is still to be seen but I am fascinated by the technology that makes this so easy so I have decided to begin.

I am intimidated as I start this journey as I feel so insignificant next to the Bloggers I read everyday such as Dooce and CoolCatTeacher – but a person has to start somewhere.

I live in Beijing and I love it but a week ago Friday I was diagnosed with Diabetes and now I am faced with not only living in a foreign country and culture but learning to live with a chronic disease. I am not sure how that is going to work out. The truth is, though, if I don’t do something now it will be too late.. That scares me.

2 thoughts on “Ok – let’s begin

  1. I came across your blog at random this evening. I, too, started just recently to blog here on WordPress, and I can assure you that folks will read it, and that their comments will often prove supportive and helpful.

    I am also a diabetic, and have been for many years. I won’t tell you that it’s an easy thing with which to live. But I can tell you that you can and will live with it successfully.

    It takes some care, and it is a new dynamic to which you must adjust. You will have to think about things that you may never have had to think about before; what you eat, when you eat it, getting sufficient rest, managing medications and learning how your body now works. You’ll learn, I assure you.

    Life will have joy, and sadness, and pleasure, and pain…just like anyone’s. Diabetes will be a fact of your life, but it will not BE your life. Don’t be afraid. It will be alright. Trust me, I know both the fear and the difficulties. You will cope, and soon you will feel much better as you hit your stride and your body gets into its new routine.

    Hang in there! And keep blogging!


  2. Thanks so much for your encouragement both about the blog but also about Diabetes. I am taking mini steps but trying to move forward.

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