Super Bowl in Beijing

It is true that the world is coming to Beijing. It is becoming more apparent everyday as parts of our lives from back home are becoming available here in the Middle Kingdom.

Back home today was Super Bowl Sunday. Here in Beijing it was Super Bowl Monday – that is one of the things that happens when you are 13 hours ahead of EST. For us, kick off was at 7:18 am. There was a party at a great 24 hour sports bar near my house called the Goose and Duck (G&D as we call it). There were big screens around the two level bar as well as the usual televisions. They served breakfast also which was sponsored by We had a good time, though I don’t know how everyone was drinking beer at that hour of the morning.

Of course, as we all know the game had a good beginning and an exciting finish but for the rest of the time was a crushing bore. That gave us all time to chat, text everyone and generally complain about the game. The one disappointment was that we didn’t see the great Super Bowl commercials because we weren’t see the direct FOX feed. The majority of the crowd I was with were cheering for the Giants. By the time the game was over it was just about lunch time so a bunch stayed and ate and began to play pool and watch the other sports available.

It was a lot of fun. A bit of sports from home in a world where soccer, rugby, basketball and cricket seem to always be on the television in the bars and football, baseball and hockey are very seldom available. 🙂

So now it is Monday afternoon, the first day of my holiday for Chinese New Year and I think I will go and have a massage. There are so many wonderful perks in Beijing.

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