Haircuts in Beijing

Heather (santa hat) and SCARLETHeather (santa hat) and SCARLETToday I had a lovely time being treated like a special person by my wonderful hairdresser Scarlet. I met her a couple of years ago when I went to another hair salon. When she moved to Toni and Guy I moved with her even though it takes twice as long to get to her salon now. She is delightful and dramatically British with a great flair She has become a caring friend. Today it was time to get my roots done again to cover the inevitable grey that keeps popping up – I was also out of shampoo and conditioner so I had to go.

While Scarlet and I were updating each other about our lives I told her that I had Diabetes. Scarlet was so concerned and asked me a number of questions as well as discussing what she was going to do with my hair. We decided to keep it the same style and colour. A few minutes later I went with a guy called Zero (that is the western name he has chosen) to get my hair washed and when I came back Scarlet was smiling and apparently inspired. She had decided I needed a new look and more highlights to accompany my new health regime plus February and this winter are continuing to drag along. In other words, Scarlet had a plan for my hair and it was all good and we are working towards a totally new look for the summer. Three hours later I indeed had a new look, new colour and hopefully new inspiration to face my new situation.

I have been thinking today that Scarlet has a plan for my hair that will take a number of months to fulfill and maybe that is how I need to look at changing my life with Diabetes. I have always wanted the instant cure, instant gratification. If I had a headache – take a pill. If I had stomach problems – take a pill. I come from a family where taking a pill to fix whatever is wrong has been a sort of mandate. I was diagnosed with high blood pressure – I take a pill. I was diagnosed with high cholesterol – I take a pill. I was experiencing severe anxiety and depression – I take a pill. I take a pill for vitamins and minerals. I take a pill for allergies. I take a pill to sleep. I take a pill for everything. There doesn’t appear to be consequences because taking the pills controls the symptoms and I don’t really have to change my life at all. Now I am faced with one of the results of those pills. The pills didn’t fix my problems they just helped to control them to a certain extent. Now, I cannot forget that I have Diabetes and in order NOT to have to take a pill or worse for this disease I have to change my life and my habits. The part that I think is interesting is that by changing my life style because of the diabetes I will eventually not need to take a pill for the blood pressure or high cholesterol. Something to think about. Of course, I do realize that while my hair may take 5 months to reach the plan that Scarlet has for it, the Diabetes is now with me for my life.

This is not at all what I was going to write about when I started this blog three hours ago. I was going to share about the kind of haircuts etc. I have experienced over the past four years but I seem to have gone a different way tonight. The hairdresser stories can wait for another time.

Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve for the Lunar Calendar and so the firecrackers have already started. By tomorrow night at this time it will be so loud I won’t be able to think let alone sleep – but that is a story for another day also.

3 thoughts on “Haircuts in Beijing

  1. Welcome to my world Heather. I was diagnosed with diabetes in 2004 and have now progressed from the pill to injections of insulin 4 times a day. Not pretty….I hate needles! I am glad to hear that you are going to change your lifestyle and try and avoid taking another pill. I will pray that you will succeed and enjoy a more healthy life.

  2. Hi, I am struggling with the food to eat as I am in Beijing and there are not the built in support systems there are at home. If you have any suggestions of whatever I would appreciate it as I read so much on the internet and it just confuses me. 🙂

    Thanks for the comment and the sharing.

  3. Well, look at all the “Davey” responses rolling in! Love genetics. Being the youngest cuz (oh, did I rub that in again!), I am at the beginning of this long journey and have just developed HBP (I know Mom was early 40’s also when she began taking BP meds), and Dad has Diabetes so I have the pre-cursor for that too (high liver enzymes). Wow, this sounds like one of those ” what’s wrong with my health… blah, blah, blah.” Anyway, Heath, my prayers are also with you as you change your lifestyle. That is my intent as well – so lets support each other. Thank you for the inspiration that we can do something different and take control ourselves (I also prefer to just take a pill). But it can’t change the biggies, can it.

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