The joys of quietness and blue skies

It was after midnight last night before I was  able to go to sleep because of the final New Year noisy celebration. I slept well and when I finally woke up this morning which is a long drawn out process for me that involves a squawking alarm clock that has a snooze button that you can use for 60 minutes and a Pocket PC set up to sound like a door bell going off every 5 minutes until I finally decide I have had enough. After I all of that and I had finally opened my eyes I lay in bed and the first thing I noticed was how loud the quiet was. There was not one firebomb booming to announce that it was 6:00 am, there was not a dog barking, there was no Chinese music wafting up to my eleventh floor as energetic seniors did their morning tai chi. There was nothing. It was heaven. I could have spent all day curled up, snuggling, listening to the quiet. That couldn’t happen because I had to get up for work but for a few blissful moments this morning all was quiet.

I had been convinced that after the thick air quality yesterday today would be brutal as we would now add smoke from the tens of thousands of fireworks that had been used. But such was not the case….. the mighty, strong Beijing wind blew into town and by the time I pulled the drapes back this morning the air was clear, the sky was blue and the sun was shining. It was one of those special moments when you can see the mountains that surround Beijing in the distance and the city is beautiful.

I found a dietitian that will be able to help me with an eating plan as that seems to be the place I am stuck. I want to get unstuck. I appreciate the people who have contacted me and are supportive. It is great but it will be nice to talk face to face with a person who is trained to direct me. Plus, she is western and speaks English – with an illness that makes a huge difference. My regular doctor and my specialist, both Chinese woman, are excellent and I feel very secure under their terrific care but I need support from my own culture and I now have it. A special blessing.

Tonight we celebrated a friends birthday at the Thai Thai Restaurant. We crammed 13 of us into a small room and ate everything we could think of. Fabulous food, fabulous conversation, no talking about our jobs and a lot of laughter. Love Beijing.

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