The Great Chinese Firewall GCF

I am a bit hesitant to write this blog today as I don’t want it to be construed by anyone that I am being critical of where I am living and the constraints that I live with. I was going to say “I live under” but that would be totally incorrect as most of the time I don’t experience any difficulty with using the internet from inside China.

That being said, there are difficulties but you learn to live with them and to work around them to a certain extent. I do know that there are certain topics I would never research from inside of China but then there are other topics that I would assume would be problems that I can reach without any difficulty.

I have never been blocked from searching about things that have to do with Christianity or Religion. As a matter of fact, I regularly order books from Amazon including Bibles that I receive without any problem or delay – but that is another topic.

When I moved to China I was very uninformed about the internet situation but quickly learned and then was pleasantly surprised by what I could access.

The internet can be slower in China but then I live in Beijing one of the most wired cities in the world and so it is not a problem. But then all of sudden, for no apparent reason, all internet traffic from Yahoo or Google will suddenly be unavailable. Last night, I had trouble accessing Yahoo for about 45 minutes then it suddenly cleared right up.

I don’t go to websites that may raise flags – for those I can wait until I get out of the country – but then I have usually forgotten about the topic.

I have posted a link to an article I found this morning in my Google Reader that I think is one of the best and well balanced explanations of Internet life in China. I agree with what he has to say….

One of the interesting things I just realized after reading the article was that the self censoring continued even when I was home at Christmas. I automatically didn’t go to sites I wouldn’t use in China. I wasn’t home long enough to become familiar with the world without a firewall. So I guess from that perspective the way China uses the firewall works because I have become accustom to it.

The article is quite long but very thorough. If you come over to China expecting it to be exactly like it is at home then you need to reevaluate but the horror stories of total news blackout etc. is not part of life here or not part of My life.

Enjoy the article. Oh yes, for just a little chuckle – I had to increase the font twice in order to be able to comfortably read the article. The joys of growing older.

By the way, Spring has arrived in Beijing……the weather is warming up during the day……the sandstorms will start shortly. 🙂

One thought on “The Great Chinese Firewall GCF

  1. I have never heard of the police showing up at someone’s door because they have visited a “forbidden” site, I don’t think that their tracking technology is that advanced, and considering the sheer number of people using the net to visit sites overseas, it must be technically impossible. In anycase using proxy sites such as should be a safe bet.

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