Masters Program and YouTube

My life right now as of this very moment seems to revolve around the two topics mentioned in the Title -both of which are causing me a certain amount of stress but for different reasons.

The first is my Masters Program. The good news is I have been accepted into the Masters Program I wanted. After waiting 30 some years to have the opportunity and the resources to continue with my formal education I am extremely happy about this fact. Of course, I also had to wait 30 odd years for the Masters Program I am taking to actually exist. Who ever knew I would turn into a computer geek. No one is more surprised than me. So on April 28th I will begin my journey towards my Master of Science in Education specializing in Integrated Technology Grades 3-12.

I am a keener. I have already completed the ecourse that introduces me to elearning that is required before I actually begin. Good on me. The stress factor comes into play as I realized late last night that I have begun a program that will run through to August 17th for the first semester the very same summer I have planned a four week vacation to Russia, England, Scotland, France, Ireland and Northern Ireland. Ok- not great planning that!!! but the truth is this – if I postpone until the fall semester than I would have the excuse that school was just beginning a new year and I am too busy.

To help the situation along a bit I am purchasing a mini computer in Hong Kong this weekend so I won’t have to lug my heavy laptop all over Great Britain. I also have a 160 G portable hard drive that should do the trick. I hope……

I have also made sure that any place I am booked into will have internet access to some degree. OK – it may not be the perfect setup but at least I am moving forward.

Now onto the problem with YouTube. This takes a bit of an explanation… I am presently enrolled in an online course that the school paid for, on Advanced Techniques for my Interactive Whiteboard in my classroom. I am having a great time learning a lot of things but at the moment I am a bit stimied as I am in the process of producing a flipchart to send to my tutor and need to put in a link that is on You Tube. I tried all day to access it with no success. It wasn’t until I got home tonight and opened my Google Reader that I discovered that You Tube is blocked in China at the moment because of the unrest in Tibet. While that doesn’t really help me, I am sure that my instructor in England won’t ever receive another flipchart with the note that says, “unable to include video due to the “Great Firewall of China”.

On a more serious note:

I came across this blog today through my Reader and wanted to leave the link so that you can access it if you wish. The situation mentioned with the news is exactly what has happened to me in the past 48 hours. The interesting thing is that while CNN was blacked out periodically on Saturday, on Sunday afternoon we saw live feed coming from Lhasa through CNN Hong Kong for a while and then it was abruptly cut off though the story itself was not blocked. The newscaster reported that he was not sure how the feed was being sent from Lhasa to Hong Kong.

While I very seldom feel as if I am missing out on anything, this is one of those times when you know you are not living free but under a government that has absolute power and is capable of wielding that power swiftly.

So my small problems with You Tube not being available at the moment are nothing compared to the lack of information that does not get to the wonderful people of this incredible country and the problems that can cause.

My one urgent request is that you scour You Tube and other sites for information on what is really happening in Tibet at the moment. The truth is there. There is no reason in this day and age of instant information that you are uninformed. While I cannot, at the moment, access everything – you can…..

PS As a side note – the reason I was able to find the information in the first place was because of my incredible Google Reader and RSS feed.  While I cannot access the blogs directly, they are fed into my Reader with no problem.

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