I don’t think I will ever understand chinese dogs.  Now when I say “Chinese dogs” I am not just meaning the ever popular Chinese pug or Pekinese (we had 2 over the years).  I am talking about any dog that lives in China or my part of China – Beijing.

I don’t understand the training methods that are involved to make it possible for a dog to sit in the basket of a bicycle or motorcycle, to sit on the back of a wagon, to sit on top of a cart full of groceries as it is being rolled down the rocky street, and never budge or fall off or apparently show a desire to do any of those things.

Every morning when I leave for work there are dozens of dogs and their owners going for an early morning walk around our complex.  Most of the dogs aren’t on a leash of any sort and with the exception of occasional barking there are not any problems.  It is the same thing in the evening though it has become apparently recently that the more rambunctious dogs are walked after 10 p.m and there is a lot of barking involved.

Dogs in my complex rule supreme.  They are proud and well behaved though I can’t always say the same for their owners.  I remember last fall watching a beautiful Pekinese doing his business on the grass and his owner bent down, after the dog was finished, and with a lovely clean tissue wiped the dogs butt clean and then just threw the tissue on the ground.  YUCK!!!!!!  Where are our priorities.????

Actually, there must be new dogs laws out and being taught on Chinese television because over the past 6 months you see everyone walking around with a plastic bag to clean up after their dog.  Unfortunately, there are parents who don’t do that with their little children.

Dogs in Beijing tend to be of the small variety as that is what is mandated by law and the predominate colour of value is white.  It never ceases to amaze in a dirty, smoggy city like Beijing white dogs rule.  On the other hand they are usually very clean.

I do fell sorry for one of the poodles in my complex as her parents insist on having her ears dyed a different colour every couple of weeks.  She can have blue, yellow, green or fuschia ears.  I figure she spends her life just rolling her eyes and trying to put up with it.

Dogs clothing business is huge in Beijing also.  Some of the best dressed living creatures on the streets are the dogs.  You would never send your dog out in the rain without the boots on that match the outfit.  Winter coats are extremely popular though I do think that a chihuahua looks a bit strange in a fake fur coat when there is already all that beautiful real hair.

Dog language also confuses me as I soon realized that the dogs don’t understand English but just Chinese.  Now I don’t need to be confused with the whole tone of voice discussion.  I understand that but I choose to believe that when I say “Ni Hao” (good morning) the dog is more aware than when I say “Hi”.  It is hard for me to get my find around that all of the dogs, not just the Chinese breeds all speak Chinese.  A french poodle who responds to Chinese is just too funny…..

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