Hermitage Museum

Words cannot begin to describe how beautiful the Hermitage Museum is. The Winter Palace, built by Catherine the Great, is part of the museum. They have incorporated entire rooms from many different eras into the museum. I was fascinated by the grandeur of the rooms and in all honesty did not spend that much time looking at the hundreds of paintings. I was sorry to have missed the Monet exhibit but by that time it was late and they were starting to close down hall ways. There were certain areas that we just ran through with hardly a glance at the old wall hangings etc. The ceilings and floors were incredible.

On the other hand, I did not find the museum that user friendly. I do understand that it is in Russia but as a world class museum, supposedly second only to the Louve, the only language available to read for the most part was Russian. They did have audio tours you could get for an additional 300 roubles but that still didn’t take you to exactly where you wanted to go. It was hard to find out who the painters were or the names of the halls we were in. That is actually just a typical English speakers gripe though, the other places we have been to in St. Petersburg have been very user friendly.

One thing that was very interesting was the fact that by paying an additional 100 roubles I could take any pictures I wanted to take. So we took a lot. Some of them are on Facebook but I will get them on another site soon. I am heading to England so it should be a bit easier to get online there.

This is our last day in St. Petersburg and so we must drag our cases down the stairs,  through the courtyard, down the street, across the bridge to the travel agency that has arranged everything for us.  It is pouring rain right now so that should be interesting.  We are going to go and see St.Isaacs Cathedral if we get a chance.  The train leaves for Moscow at 4:00 which means we will be home at 11:00 in time to sleep, pack and leave for the airport at 6:45 to fly to Manchester. Oh well, more stories to tell later.

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