Sunday morning in Beijing

Last Sunday Iwent to the small flower market, not to be confused with the large flower market I visited the Sunday before, to buy flowers for my small balconies.  I wanted to bring some colour to the outside world on the 11th floor.

Now when I say small I am being kind.  The with of my balconies, I have three, is exactly 66cm. I never thought I would come to the time where wishing to have an additional 10 cm. would be so important. I won’t bore you with my dreams for the balconies if I had those additional 10cm.

A few years ago collapsible lawn chairs came to Beijing and I bought a set only to find they were built with an Asian frame in mind. I don’t have long legs but with the end of the chair digging into my thighs it was not comfortable. The next year bigger chairs came out and I bought two of them along with two small nice plastic IKEA tables with lids.  It has been lovely and I have spent many a comfortable and relaxing hour on the balcony.

This year because I am not going home to Canada for the summer, I decided to add flowers to the balcony which is what I was going last Sunday.  It was so much fun!!!!!! I bought petunias, impatiens and geraniums in a variety of colours.  I gathered quite an audience as I tried to figure out what I wanted with both pots and flowers. Eventually, I had settled on what I wanted and made arrangements for them to be delivered to my house for 50 RMB (about$9.00).  I love China.

I had a lot of fun moving the flowers around on the different balconies and was quite pleased with the result. I then spent a nice Sunday afternoon sitting on my eastern balcony reading and watching the world go by down below.  That was,of course, before the wind and the sandstorms came into Beijing last week.  After two days and nights of brutal wind and having one of my plants, a beautiful hydrangea, break in half and blow away I moved the plants inside and there they sit.  They are still beautiful but at the moment not quite fulfilling their outdoor purpose as the wind continues.

Today is again Sunday and the wind is still howling outside on the 11th floor but the sky is beautiful and blue.  Outside the sounds of traditional Chinese instrumental music floated up from the center area of the complex as the usual group of 20-25 older Chinese ladies went through their morning  exercises.  It is a beautiful slow elegant form similar to Tai Chi moves.  Yesterday another group was doing sword exercises.

The only sound around is that of the music and the occasional dog barking as they are taken for their walk.  I love the gentleness of the morning heras it is so different from the frantic pace of  life outside in Beijing.

I have finished watching the Red Sox beat the Yankees 16-13 and it is time to get ready for church and see what else Sunday in Beijing is going to bring.

One thought on “Sunday morning in Beijing

  1. I am so glad you are able to have a garden on your balcony. Maybe there will be some other plants that will work well.
    It has not been the summer of 1980 here but some days have been close!!!
    Too bad you will not be here in Texas with us this year.

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