I wish it was November 15th

When cold weather suddenly descends on Beijing it does not always lead to nice, cozy and warm houses if it is before November15th. Such was the case when I woke up this morning in my very cold bedroom though I was very warm under my two silk and lamb’s wool duvets. The weather had taken a definite change to the cold side. In fact, it was snowing.  November1st and Beijing was having it’s first snowfall.  It was beautiful. My phone started beeping as my friends sent messages to everyone commenting on the wonderful snow.

It was wonderful…… I have always loved the first snowfall of the winter.  It is the third, fourth and twentieth that dislike. Of course, that very seldom happens here in this part of the Middle Kingdom.

Usually snowfalls here only last for a little while and are more snain based than actual snow but not this time.  Big, beautiful, soft snowflakes were falling to the ground.  Even though the ground had not yet had time to freeze the snow collected and stayed.  Again, it was beautiful.  It continued on for about three hours and has left the city covered in a lovely blanket of white.

What does all of that have to do with November 15th?  It is the cold part that has to do with that date. In China the heat is turned on that date.  Before November15th I have to use the air con/heat wall units. While they are great providing cold air, they are a pick lacking when it comes to providing heat.  They also pull an unbelievable amount of electricity. I am cold even though I am dressed in winter clothes and an afghan.  November15th can’t come soon enough for me. Then for four glorious months I will be toasty warm until March 15th when all of the heat is turned off and we start the process all over until it is warm again.

Regardless of that, the first snowfall of Beijing has been great.

Also, a Korean friend sent me a text this morning and said it was a Korean tradition to make a wish on the first snow fall.  So I have.  I sure hope it come true. Will let you know.

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