Macau and the Westin

Happy Holidays from Macau and the incredible Westin Resort the home of the Heavenly Bed.

About two months ago I was informed my airline points provider that I needed to use them or lose them.  As I wasn’t planning on going anywhere before the deadline that would keep me in their good graces I decided to use ’em.  That is how I ended up at the Westin in Macau for the week after Christmas.

I have never been to Macau and thought this would be the perfect opportunity to visit the Portuguese side of China.  More about that later after I have actually seen the Portuguese side of China.

Yesterday my driver picked me up at 6 AM and took me to the Beijing Airport.  It was cold (-11 C) though the wind with which we have been blessed the past week or so had died down. (Did I mention we woke up to a sandstorm on Christmas morning?) Anyway, no problem checking in and quickly through customs to the luggage check part.

I uploaded unloaded all the stuff I was carrying (I never can seem to get it just right with my carry-on luggage) and then had to have the body wand run all over my body.  But they added another little side search which was a physical pat down on my legs going as far as to lift my pants a bit.  That is OK – rather safe than sorry.  Last year we had to go through everything without our shoes.

Had a good flight on Air Macau and landed on time to +11 weather with overcast skies.

Later that day.  My room is wonderful and I recommend anyone that wants a lovely resort to stay at in Macau without all of the hubbub of the Venetian or the other Casino resorts I tell you this is where to stay.

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