Cleaning the snow onto the street

Now I have lived in Beijing for almost 6 years and has been noted on networks and the internet around the world, we are having an unusual winter.  If is cold (-16 C) everyday and more snow than we have had in the previous five winters.  I am tired of the cold.  I also say that when I am back home in Ontario though.  I was born on a cold (-40) night in January in Saskatchewan.  You would think that this would prepare me for the cold or at least I would like the cold.  I don’t….unless I can stay inside and keep warm.

Regardless of that I saw something new the other day here in Beijing.  As usually happens when there is a snow fall the snow is eventually moved off of the roads and piled on the side of the street. At home we use snowplows for this work.  Here in Beijing they use manpower with shovels, brooms and on occasion parts of a cardboard box, which actually works very well. The roads are cleared and have been for about a week.

Everything was fine until Friday when I saw all of the workers out again with their shovels picking up the snow and throwing it out on the street.  Apparently, there are problems with people trying to get on the buses and so the piles of snow must be gotten rid of and the road is the best place as they are already clear and don’t have snow on them.  It makes a weird kind of sense.

One thought on “Cleaning the snow onto the street

  1. I’ve been trying to tell you to move back to Texas. Maybe God is telling you the same thing!!! I’ve got your room ready…come on.

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