Decade off to a good start

I have been 60 for a week and I am doing well.  One of the things that has surprised me is the difference in my attitude.  Usually a birthday gives you a new beginning of sorts but apparently turning to a new decade gives you a big new beginning.  When it hit me was this evening when I was working on my two blogs: this one which is my personal blog and my professional one Teach Less Learn More.  I realized that my professional blog was looking a bit dark, dramatic, but dark and so I went looking for a new theme and came up with something so unlike what I would have formerly chosen that it was a shock.  I love it.  The colours, the set up, the bright and airiness of the whole look.  I next decided to take a closer look at this one and figured it looked a bit boring and so again went looking for a theme and chose this one.  Again, totally different from what I would have previously considered.  HMMMMmmmm…. makes me wonder what else there will be around the corner.

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