Learning to Ride – mini update

Ok, BB is all better thanks to my lovely ayi Liu Shi Hong. She even got me a new basket with a nice butterfly on the front.

So this afternoon I struggled to get BB back out of the apartment and to begin to learn to balance and ride this thing.  The circuit inside the apartment complex is an oval and I figured this would be a good place to practise.  So out I go.  Get on the bike, turn on the bike, turn the throttle and start to tip over.  Off I went with one foot on the ground balancing and one on the bike.  This is how I went around the first circuit. It took a long time.  I wanted to give up but I didn’t.  That time it took me about 15 minutes to get around the circuit.

The second circuit was a bit better. I had figured out that there was a nice gentle speed that would keep me on the bike so I tried for that.  It was hard adjusting to the weight of the bike though.  I was getting a bit better – not much – but a bit.  An old couple were walking around the complex and were going faster than I was.  They very quickly realized that I was trying to learn to do something new and kept smiling.  I wobbled by them a couple of times.

I was really tired by the third time but I decided to give it another go.  I did well – it sure wasn’t pretty and it wasn’t straight but I was starting to stay on the bike for longer period of time.  I finally was able to go about 1/4 of the way around the circuit without having to rebalance myself.  When I finally decided to stop my wrists were hurting and my shoulders were hurting but I had been successful.

People that saw me were really supportive. One of the guards gave me a thumbs up as I wobbled by.   🙂

Tomorrow is another day and another time to practice.  I am proud of myself today…..I got out there.

2 thoughts on “Learning to Ride – mini update

  1. Hey!
    Thought I would stop by to check out your blog.. looks great 🙂
    I do like wordpress a lot better..

    You mentioned you teach 3rd grade – that’s awesome, one of my favorite ages! I teach music at an elementary school so I get to see the little ones.

  2. Heather…I don’t know how on earth I found this But it;s great . I;ve been thinking of you more so lately, wondering are you still Teaching in China.
    I drove passed your old Brampton Apartment build the other day.And remebered when you received and fax back your offer to teach in China.
    All the uncertain factors.
    but I am sooo glad you are happy and enjoying yourself and becoming 60.
    I was in Paris, On. by your mom’s home. Wondering if she was still there.
    I lost my mon last year..and it seems you lose your anchor in life when you lose your parents.
    Love reading your Diary, learning, living your adventures.
    Blessings my dear friend….Linda

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