Reasons to Love China

Why do I love China?  That is a question I get periodically especially  I am back in Canada for a visit.  I have lived here for seven years and while it looks like I will only be here one more year I continue to love  here.  OK we will not dwell on depressing topics today.

So back to the answer.  One of the reasons I love here is the weirdness that goes on right in front of everyone and is accepted as everyday life.  Case in point was the arrival of the iPad 2 in Beijing yesterday.  I have included an article from  Micgadget that without a doubt shows what it is like here.  My favourite part is the sign in Chinese saying that no scalpers are allowed and the comment that all the scalpers are meeting together behind the sign.  Too funny.

The picture with the person holding all of the money in cash is normal here.  This is still very much a cash society.  When I came seven years ago it was totally cash no credit at all.   I remember going to this small room which at that time was the Finance Department to get my refund for my plane ticket which was $1,200 CAD.  The cashier went and pulled out a big lock box and opened it up and I looked inside and there was literally tens of thousands of RMB (Chinese Yuan) in the box.  She just reached in grabbed a stack of bills and put them in the automatic counting machine and then gave them to me, closed up the strongbox and put it back on the shelf.  I was in shock.

When you go shopping at the markets or small stores the money is usually kept in a cardboard box under the counter.  All the bills mixed together and the owner just pulls the box out and finds the change.  Of course, the fact that the owner and his family also usually live in the store also makes it a bit more relaxed.  OK that is a discussion for another day.

Back to the iPad2 arrival.  Enjoy the article and especially the pictures.  This is a wonderful Apple Store in The Village in Chaoyang District in Beijing.  I visit this store usually at least once a week.  Today, now that all of the craziness is done, hopefully, I am going to go and buy a cover for my new 13″ Macbook Pro that I received from the school last week.  We are going Apple,  Yippee!!!!!!!  Ok that is also a post for another time.

Love China…..

One thought on “Reasons to Love China

  1. How interesting, Heather! Our society in Australia, is very much credit based now and a lot of bills are paid by electronic funds transfer. Do the Chinese tend to be very honest and trustworthy? Is there much theiving? Loved this post as it gives and insight into another culture and society which our school studies.

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