Lantern Festival is only three nights away – praise be!!!

 Lantern Festival is the 15th night of the new Chinese New Year and with it the official celebration is over and we can say goodbye to endless firecrackers and beautiful fireworks for another year. It really can’t happen too soon as far as I am concerned.

At the moment I am sitting at my window looking out over the night sky of Beijing seeing fireworks off in the distance now and then, hearing the sounds of explosions off in the distance (I sometimes think this is what a war zone must sound like with the rumbling in the distance) and the incessant small strings of firecrackers that go off for a couple of minutes at a time right outside my window. I look out over a corner where there is a fireworks store and so am blessed continually with people who do not want to travel too far to let off their purchases.

The smell of the firecrackers is coming through the open window but I do like the feel of the fresh air, even if it is very cold outside and I am sitting wrapped in blankets and fake pashmina shawls so I can be warm. A bit strange I know but that is the way I like it.

What I can’t quite understand are the people that have vibration sensors in their cars that set off an alarm when something unusual happens near the car parking right beside a fireworks store.  Turn the silly thing off for the duration of the holiday for pity sake.  A firecracker string goes off and is immediately follows by the sound of the car alarm.  Last year there was a particularly irritating one that never shut off.  I don’t know where the owner was but one night it went off for nine hours straight.mapparently, the owners were no where near where they had parked their car.

Right now it sounds like thunder rolling in the distance.

In all honesty I am ready for my last Chinese New Years in Beijing to be over. Though, I have just received word that Guatemala has a wonderful tradition of fireworks also. It will be great to find out.


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