Finally, the full moon arrives

 That means it is the Lantern Festival and the last night of celebration for the arrival of the Year of the Dragon.  The fireworks are exploding all over as people use up the last of the ones they have bought. 

It is a absolutely beautiful night though it is freezing outside. The wind blew hard all day and we have clear skies and great air quality but that, of course, upped the wind chill factor.

Even while the fireworks are exploding around there is not the franticness of 15 nights ago as the Rabbit hopped out of the calendar for the next 12 years and the Dragon roared in. Most people are back to work and in a couple of days all of the school children will finish their month long holiday and head back to their huge classes to memorize the textbooks.

Tonight families are gathering together once more to celebrate and eat their special treats yuanxiao  which are rice dumplings with sweets inside. They are not my favourite by any means.  They must be like Vegemite the Aussies love – an acquired taste.

So soon quiet will descend upon the area, no more loud booms, endless fire crackers, car alarms ringing incessantly. Things will return to BeiJing normal – whatever that is. So to tie all my celebrations together I say, “God bless us everyone” and “to all a good night”.

The Next Day Update:  Well the loud booms didn’t stop until 4:30 this morning.  I slept for about 2 hours altogether.  

I have posted the following video on You Tube but enjoy…..I took it because it was all happening right outside my bedroom window.  This part of the celebration lasted for over 30 minutes but you will get the idea when you watch.  Enjoy!!!



In case the video doesn’t work try this link.

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