Beginning the Transition

There are 38 teaching days left in this school year. In one way that seems like a lot but in another it brings on a huge number of emotions ranging from panic, sadness, excitement accompanied by a huge amount of stress.  I am excited about my future in Guatemala but in order for that life to begin I must bid farewell to a life that for eight years has served me well.  I am ready to leave China but not necessarily ready to leave everything behind.

One of the huge decisions was what to take with me and what to sell.  Huge because I have bought an extensive number of things while I am here.  I bought a lot of custom furniture.  China was the first place I have ever lived where I was able to have new furniture and to design my own living space.  It took a while to get into the swing of things but I finally found what I was comfortable with and began to design from there.  I never really thought about what was involved in shipping things as I always figured I would just bite the bullet and ship it all.  That is not how it is turning out as the shipping costs have sky rocketed.  I have about 8 square meters worth of things that I am shipping back to Canada to put into my storage unit that has been faithfully sitting there for the past eight years. (Don’t ask!)  Someone suggested that I should look at the cost I have paid as a small rent as I haven’t paid rent for the past eight years and won’t be for the next two at least.

So I put together my list of things to sell and it is eight pages long of just the furniture alone.  Wow…..Then, of course, I am going to have an apartment sale of all the other things plus helping my landlady rent my apartment for when I leave.


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