Things I will miss

Montage of various Beijing images

Montage of various Beijing images (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yesterday was actually the very first day that I have seriously thought about all the things I will miss about Beijing.  For the last several months the focus has been on just getting through the year with the moving part hanging just over the horizon.  Well, the horizon is now moving closer and closer and while I struggle not to have panic set in with the thought of everything that needs to be done I am also thinking about the things I will miss outside of my friends though most of those have moved on to other places also.

The number onething I will miss once I leave Beijing are the foot massages.  Every Saturday or Sunday morning I go to my usual massage place at Yashow Market, ride the escalator to the second floor and buy a diet coke, then go up to the fourth floor and walk through the area where they sell tea, turn right and am greeted by big smiles welcoming me back.

Photograph of a man massaging a woman's foot u...

Yesterday, I did not have a pedicure just a 60 minute foot and leg massage and it was wonderful.  I almost fell asleep.  After that was done I was to lazy to get off the chair so agreed to a 30 minute hand and arm massage.  It was absolutely heaven.

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One thought on “Things I will miss

  1. Heather,
    By now you must be enroute to your next adventure. Will you spend any time in Canada. What will your job be in Guatamala next year? If it include technology and global connections, please keep us in mind. We’d love to do a collaborative project with you..

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