Last Sunday

Today is my last Sunday in Beijing. The only reason I mention it is that I am now officially in countdown mode – last Sunday, last Monday…..and so it goes. I am doing a lot of

Outside view of Pearl Marketrunning around today and am on my way back from Hong Qiao Market where I picked up a pair of glasses I had ordered. A quick In and out. I don’t have any desire to stay though it used to be one of my favourite markets and I have spent a lot of money there over the years but it has now gone to a real tourist trap that features a McDonald’s and a Starbucks no less. That is not what shopping in Beijing is all about.

So now I am off to Yashow which is and always has been a tourist market. There is a sense of home there. I will go and get my last pedicure and massage from my favourite place there and say goodbyes.

Ya Show or YaXiu

Smog hangs over the city obscuring the tops of buildings and everything is grey. It is typical July weather – hot, smoggy and uninviting. Foreigners run around in as little coverage as we can and hopefully catch some rays while Chinese cover up every bit of skin so they can stay white – each culture has their own version of beauty.

July Smog in Beijing

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