Hard to leave China

Well, yes it is hard to say goodbye to the few friends that are still here but I mean it is not physically easy to leave China.

Yesterday thought I had all my ducks in a row when the shippers finally came and picked put my luggage to be shipped by Air Canada Cargo. Shortly after that I received the email saying everything was at customs and I could pick up my passport on Thursday morning. Sounded great and I made my plans based on that.

Today, which is Thursday, I was going to go to YaShow and get a massage, finish my shopping, buy yet another suitcase, eat at my favourite restaurant one more time and pick up my clothes from the tailor. Good plan, right? Well, not if you live in China.

Just as I was getting ready to leave on my adventure after a wonderful and long night's sleep my phone rang and it was the shipper telling me there was a problem as the government had changed the rules about paperwork. It happens here a lot. Customs now needed my work permit to prove that I had been employed for the past eight years. Apparently, my passport showing my employment visa for the past eight years is not enough proof. So very quickly my plans changed.

Here is the itinerary for today.

1) went to compound office and got certificate signed that gives me permission to move my own belongings out of the compound. Had to call my landlady and woke her up for her to give the office permission for them to write the certificate for me.

2) Mr. Wong, my driver, comes back from an airport run and picks me up and takes me to school where I get my work permit. This has to be returned this afternoon so that I will be paid in July. While I am doing that he calls the shipper and finds out what we are actually supposed to do.

3). Drive for over an hour out to the shipper to pick up my passport and then turn around and drive back into the city to the government building that will look at my passport and my work permit and give me the paper I need for customs clearance. This is the part I am concerned about because you never know.

4) drive back out to the shippers office and give them back my passport and the form.

5) Now we will drive back to the school drop off my work permit, pick up Melanie's passport and go to my house at which point Mr. Wong can leave and go pick up people at the airport. He has to go bak out to the shippers tomorrow to pay them for the shipping and pik up my passport.

6) At 4:00 the mover is coming to pick up everything I haven't sold and take it away. She is also bringing me bubble wrap so that I can finish my packing for the stuff going with me on the plane.

7) then finally I will go to Yashow and do all the things I was going to do this morning.

8) pack some more things and just realized it is going to cost me a fortune to get on my Air Canada flight to go home with all my luggage. Thank goodness the flight is paid for.

Once thai tis all done crawl into a very hard Chinese bed as my comfy mattress will be gone and sleep so we can begin again tomorrow.

Gotta love China.


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