Olympics in English

I am sitting in my sister's living room waiting for the Opening Ceremonies for the London Games to begin. There is about 15 minutes before they start. I always love the Games and it is hard to believe that it has been 4 years since the incredible Beijing Games.

I have such wonderful memories of those Games. I watched incredible diving in the Water Cube and cheered with the Chinese people on the breath taking diving that won the gold medal for China. I cheered on Michael Phelps and the American relay team as he swam for his 8th gold medal. The roar that filled the Water Cube that day will always stay in my head. In that moment for the spectators it didn't matter what country we were from, it came down to wanting to see a historical moment and we saw it. I was also able to see the Canadian flag raised in the silver medal position. I watched the opening ceremonies in a Pub in Beijing with people from all over the world and was in awe of what we saw. I even ended up on Australian TV. I saw incredible Athletics in the Bird's Nest and was in the audience for the Opening Ceremonies of the Para Olympic Games. What an experience.

I watched two summer games and two winter games from my Beijing living room on Chinese TV so it is understandable how excited to watch these games from Canada and in English… I only have one thing to say…..”Let the Games begin…”

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