Today we all loaded into three vans and the 43 of us plus all of the Admin took a trip to the incredible city of Antigua. What a beautiful and unusual city. It is 180 degrees from Guatemala City in look and feel. Antigua used to be the capital city of Guatemala but after the massive and destructive earthquake in July 1773 the capital was moved to Guatemala City. The amazing cathedral in the middle of the center square was completely destroyed though another one was built on the site though it is much smaller than the original one. The ruins at the back are incredible when you realize how massive the earthquake was.


We did a walking tour on the cobblestone streets. It was a great time. We were divided into teams of six with a couple of admin and we went on a treasure hunt to find locations and take pictures of our group in front of the assigned locations. It was a lot of fun. Each group had their own list so other than seeing each other in markets we took different pictures. All of the assigned pictures are going to be put into a photo story that will be used to introduce all of the old teachers to the new cohort. It is a wonderful idea and one of the side benefits of this project is that the new teachers will be shown and taught how to use the school's photo site.

We then went off to the beautiful Casa Santa Domingo Hotel which has been created brilliantly from the old Santa Domingo monastery to eat our meal. A delicious four course meal was served and we all enjoyed immensely. It was an opportunity to get to know each better. While we were eating the inevitable rain poured down and added a melodious sound to the conversation.

The ride home was very quiet as everyone was exhausted but happy for a great day of adventure.


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