Living without Internet

If anyone had told me three weeks ago when I arrived in Guatemala that I would still not have an Internet connection, television reception or a landline I would have thought you were insane. Turns out you would not have that diagnosis and that a person will not have her head blow off without this connection regardless of what my non geek sister predicted. This is another side of living in Guatemala and the definition of Guatemalan time.

Now I order to be totally honest I have a great connection at work and by going into work at 6:00 I'm am able to get my personal email and also download movies and tv shows to watch at home. I also went on a trip to the Apple store the other day and got the correct connections to hook my computer and iPad up to my brand new TV. I was getting very tired of watching my 15 inch computer.



One thought on “Living without Internet

  1. Love the nail polish…Hi Heather, I often think about you and what new adventure your on. Hope life is going well. How long will you be here …yes, I am still in Brampton formily mississauga..streetsville Anglican churg.Best Regards Linda Moore

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