Guatemala and Rain

I have known it was going to rain today.  Not because we are in the rainy season but because my head and teeth were aching.  This is an sinus issue that has been part of my life since I was a child.  So long before the clouds rolled in today I knew we were going to have a heavy storm. I was correct.  The rain is pouring down, the thunder is rolling and the sky is getting darker.  I am glad that I love the sound of rain and thunder even if there is some physical discomfort.

Just now Paola came into my office to deliver my summer medication (don’t even ask – that is a whole other story) and told me that I should make sure that I took the early bus home today as this storm is not going to get better but worse.  It reminded us of last August when my cohort first arrived here at school and there was a huge storm.  We were walking in water over our ankles and the workers had to pull the big concrete slabs open so the rain would get into the storm drains directly.  We were worried that water was going to come into our IT lab.  I don’t know if it will be like that but we are having a storm.

20130607_120202 20130607_120212 20130607_120219 20130607_120227

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