A Year Has Gone By

It is hard to believe that a year ago today I arrived in my new home of Guatemala. I am so glad I made the choice to come here.

I remember some things very clearly. I remember how tired I was when I arrived after not sleeping for over 24 hours. I remember coming through the doors at the airport and hearing my name called. There were so many people there to welcome us. It was overwhelming but also so heart warming. I remember the beauty of the campus.

Our trip to Antigua on the Saturday was wonderful. It was a terrific idea to have a Scavenger Hunt and helped establish relationships. We were treated so well. It was wonderful to be treated with such kindness and respect.

I remember all of us going to Walmart on Sunday accompanied by members of the admin. The support was great. I remember loading all of our shopping including tv's, microwaves, furniture and tons of hangers into the back of the yellow school bus. It was so funny to watch. I bought a microwave, fan and a dehumidifier plus a ton of other things.

The pre service sessions were varied but also full out and I was tired still. It was strange not having a classroom to decorate but I was thankful and did not miss it at all. It was nice to have a small office.

So the first year is over, summer vacation is almost over and on Tuesday I return to start another exciting adventure. I am glad the first year is over.

One thought on “A Year Has Gone By

  1. Ooh, it’s your second year already! Hope you enjoy it as much as you enjoyed your first year 🙂 Btw, your blog looks amazing! This is not a free template, is it?

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