Love the theater especially in Guatemala



Ok, today I had a special experience and quite unique as it turned out.

A friend suggested we go to the movies today and I quickly agreed.  We decided that we would see Wolverine as we both appreciate Hugh Jackman and not only for his acting abilities. Now I have been to theaters all over the world and I have NEVER been in a theater like the VIP Theater at Oakland Mall in Guatemala City.  It was absolutely amazing!

The seats were bigger than seats in first class on an airplane and definitely more comfortable.  Made of lovely leather they or at least what appears to be leather we sank down into their comfort and very easily reclined with a footstool.  The seats were in pairs with a small table lamp to the left side.  Each chair had a small table.  I had just got settled when the waiters arrived in white and black.  We were able to order what we wished to eat.  There was everything from crepes, dessert, french fries, sandwiches and a huge variety of drinks. We ordered our treats and settled back.  Within a few minutes everything was delivered.  I had ordered a Coke Zero and a chocolate and strawberry crepe.  It was delicious!

A few minutes later the movie began and I found out that not only were the seats comfortable but they also set up to feel the loud bass in the sound.   As far as I was concerned I had found my place to relax for the next forceable future.

Wolverine began and it was great story.  Forty minutes into the movie we suddenly had a power outage and the entire theater went black including the movie.  We sat there for a few minutes before the side lights came on and after about five minutes people began moving around doing washroom runs etc. Cell phones came out and I joined that group and began to read a book on my Kindle app while my friend settled back for a bit of a nap.  It was quite funny.

About 20 minutes into the break a manager came and announced that the projector was broken and could not be fixed so we would all be given tickets to another time.  They apologized and we all began to leave.  We lined up for a considerable amount of time to get our tickets, made plans to redo the whole thing next Saturday, had a good laugh and after a quick stop for coffee and something to eat drove home.

All in all it was a totally unique experience and a great memory.

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