Life in Guatemala leads to Evacuation Protocol at school

This rainy season has been extreme so I have been told.  This has led to problems with mudslides, unstable ground and flooding.  Usually mudslides happen more towards the coastal regions and unfortunately  the poorer sections of Guatemala but recently we have had problems here in Guatemala on one of the main highways leading in and out of the city.  The fact that the El Salvador Highway is up a mountain or down a winding mountain adds to the traffic problems.  Having followed many trucks or red “chicken” buses coughing out black smoke as they struggle to climb the mountain I am eternally grateful that I do not need to use that highway to come and go from work.

Last week a problem started when the continuous downpours caused mudslides and eventually a house began to slide down the mountain. This created a very scary situation especially as a number of our buses run this route twice daily.  That brought about our Evacuation Protocol for a week.  It will hopefully end on November 7th as the rainy season is coming to a close.  On the nice side we all go home at 2:00 which makes for a long afternoon and the opportunity to catch up on work in a home atmosphere but we have had a number of students absent during this time which always makes school a bit difficult to keep current.

This is a picture from a friend that shows the condition of the house at it slides down the hill towards the highway.

El Salvador Road Guatemala City

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