Chilly here in Guate

I am almost afraid to write this post when my family and friends to the north are really cold make that freezing.  I spent most of my life in the north though the area I am from in Ontario is considered the south. 🙂  Regardless,of the fact I have very clear memories of chilly, cold, freezing and frigid.  The weather to the north is frigid.  Let’s face it when schools are closed in Minnesota it is cold!

With that as the basis I am not really cold though it certainly feels like it this morning when I seriously wish I had worn socks to school.  For the uninitiated, Guatemala City does not have heating or air conditioning indoors.  That means if is 58 degrees F outside that is what it is inside also.  Usually that is not a problem except for about a month out of the year when getting out of warm bed in the morning or taking a shower is the hardest part of the day.

Right now I am sitting in my classroom with my light weight winter coat on, a scarf around my neck and really wishing I had worn the aforementioned socks.  My feet are cold and soon I am going to wrap my scarf around my legs and feet.

The weather took a real turn to chilly yesterday when clouds rolled in and the wind really picked up.  It has continued into today. After walking to the bus stop this morning it was lovely to find the school bus heated when I got on.  I am seeing a lot of different teachers and classes today as work is being done in my iLab instead of outside where they usually work.  It is nice to be in touch with everyone. When I was in doing homeroom this morning I noticed a number of students sitting at their desks with earmuffs, hoodies and scarves on.  I did need to remind one of the girls she had to take her gloves off so she could do her school work. It was cute.

Regardless, of this time of year there is something special about Guatemala including these pictures of the sunrise over the school as I got off of the warm bus this morning.


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