Spring Break Arrives

I am so glad that we are finally on holiday.  It feels like such freedom to know that I have a whole week ahead of me to be free to do what I want.  I am really looking forward to going to Antigua for Easter Weekend to see the processions that I have heard so much about.  I plan on taking a ton of pictures and hopefully do some writing.  I also plan on getting things ready to sell.

It is hard to believe that I am going through this again.  When I moved here I thought this was to be my last move but that was not to be.  So here I am two years after my big China sale getting ready to do another sale.  At least the car is gone and the TV is sold.

The other thing I am involved is a journaling course with Susannah Conway.  She is an amazing lady and her courses are great.  My favourite part is the other people, usually women, who are part of the course that I meet online in our private Facebook page.  I think there are about 48 of us in this course and I decided to do a Google Earth map to show where we all are located which is literally all around the world.  The only continent not listed is South America.  I had fun learning how to do the Google Earth tour but now I cannot figure out how to get it to all the members.  So that is a challenge for this coming week also.

In between doing all of the things that are necessary I am also planning for the summer and moving to Hanoi.  I am so excited about that…I am very much at peace about the job even though it is going to be a big challenge and hard.  Yesterday I had a bit of a bump when I was one of the jobs I had really wanted and applied for but never got an acknowledgement back posted again.  I allowed myself to waffle a bit about the job feeling sad but then I remember the peace I have about the job in Hanoi and settled down.

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