A sports update

While I am an international teacher and so seldom in my beloved home country of Canada, my family and especially my sister, Deb keep me informed of all that is going on at home sports wise. My family have been die hard Toronto Maple Leaf hockey fans forever.  I believe it is something you are born into.  🙂  I don’t think my sister and I had a choice about what team we were going to cheer for.  In hockey we were passionate about the Leafs and have a strong negative feeling for the Montreal Canadiennes.  It is a Canada thing. Anyway, the Leafs did not make it into the playoffs this year (enough said about that) but the Toronto Raptors our NBA franchise has made it into the first round and is presently tied 2-2 with the opposing team (that is right, I don’t know who it is).  Outside the Air Canada Center where the Leafs and Raptors play there is a huge square with a massive screen where fans can gather for away games and enjoy it with each other.  On the 27th we tied the series up and the following is the reaction of the 10,000 fans.  Oh Canada.

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