Moving is never fun…..

It is hard to believe that two years ago I was selling all my belongs and possessions that I had collected over eight years in Beijing getting ready to move to Guatemala City.  What is even harder to believe is that I am doing the same process all over again here in Guate getting ready to move to Vietnam.  Sometimes life does not turn out the way we plan it and it is time for some discomfort as we prepare for the next stage.

A month and two days from now I will boarding an American Airlines flight to return home to Canada for 6 weeks.  My time here is Guate has been interesting but also full of challenges.  Who knew I would miss Asia so much????  🙂  The country of Guatemala is one of the most beautiful I have ever been in.  The weather in Guate City is my perfect weather – not too hot and not too cold.  The people are just wonderful.  I will miss the huge smiles and hugs that are part of the Latin American culture.  The campus where I teach is incredibly beautiful.  There is something very special about being able to walk and work right outside all the time.  Today it is overcast and raining a bit and yet students and teachers are sitting outside at table working and reading. Yesterday the weather was lovely and one of the students was out on the lawn reading as he prepared for his testing.

Slowly my items are being sold.  I am thankful to the support of the people around me.  The white walls in my apartment which were covered with special art are now empty. I wonder how long it will be before I quit glancing over at the empty wall where my clock used to hang.  It has been 7 days and I am still doing it.

Meanwhile life is going on around me.  Yesterday was one of my nephew’s 13th birthday.  He was barely three when I began my international journey.  He now has three siblings – two here with us and one in heaven.  Sunday is my mom’s 89th birthday.  She was my biggest supporter when I decided to accept the job in China a decade ago.  The rest of my family was also on board and have worked hard to keep me up on everything that is going on.  I am blessed and loved.


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