Watching Sports Together though apart

Even though I have not been living in Canada for the past decade I have managed to stay up to date with all the sports that I love.  My sister, Deb, is one of the main reasons as she sends me often play by play of what is/was happening with our beloved Maple Leafs.  After this past dismal season we are again back to the refrain “Next year we will win it all.”  Hope always springs eternal for a die hard Leaf fan.

Basketball is not really my sport anymore but as the finals are now upon us I will have to choose a team and cheer them on.  Those are the rules.  Baseball, my favourite, is well on it’s way and my Blue Jays are at the top of the standings at the moment.  So cool.  I get to watch them a bit as I pay to see the games on my iPad.  Then, of course, are the one off’s – Olympics, Indy 500 and the run for the Triple Crown in horse racing. Each one of these are discussed through email and Skype, decisions made concerning whom we are cheering for and then the actual event.  Mom and Deb watch on TV and call each other back and forth.  I watch online and email Deb back and forth who then talks to Mom about everything we discussed.  It is a lot of fun and a way to stay in touch.

Now,of course, being from Canada we are not a big soccer family but the World Cup is beginning in 10 days and so it is time to decide which team we are going to follow and once again learn the ins and outs of soccer/futbol just as we do with many of the Olympic sports we only watch every 4 years.  Many of my students are cheering for Germany to win but the other group insists that it will be “Bra(Long a sound) zeeeeellllll   (Long e sound) accent on the final syllable.  So cute….. Me?  I don’t know…will have to think about it and read about the teams….

So once again my family will join together across the miles for the start of the Stanley Cup finals (Go Rangers) and most importantly to cheer on California Chrome on Saturday as he runs in the Belmont and hopefully into the history books as a Triple Crown winner….I still have such vivid memories of watching Secretariat win the Belmont by 25 lengths.  I get teary when I pull it up on You Tube.

It is the unknown, the passion, the unexpected that make my family such amazing sports fans….one of the many reasons I love them all…..


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