Blogging from the Heart

I am so excited that I have joined Susannah Conway’s course Blogging from the Heart. This is the third course I have taken with her during the past several months and they have all been terrific.

I have three blogs – personal (this one), a professional blog and a spiritual blog. While I am a big believer in blogs and blogging recently I have been feeling that I have not yet found “my voice” or really what I want to focus on in blogging.


I struggle the most with my professional blog as I often feel I do not have anything new to share. This past year at work was a huge struggle and I feel that I am a bit ground down on the professional side though the work I am doing with PLP Connected Coaching is excellent and exciting. My spiritual or faith journey blog is the one I feel the most emotion when I write though I frequently avoid it as I do not want to drag up a lot of feelings.

I was going to create another blog for the course but I think I will stick with this one and see where it takes me. I did change the colour and added my middle name to the title. We will see….

photo credit: gonzalo_ar via photopin cc  

3 thoughts on “Blogging from the Heart

  1. Hi Heather, I found your blog through Susannah’s course.

    It’s incredibly difficult to keep more than one blog. All and every successful bloggers I know, including Susannah, keep only one blog. Why don’t you find a way to combine all three into one?

    • Thanks Lucy, my problem has been figuring out what want to focus on. Hopefully, this course will help.


  2. Hi Heather, I found your blog through Susannah’s course too. I’m excited to take the course as well, I recently did Journal Your Life and loved it! I look forward to seeing your blog develop – I’m the same, trying to figure out how to put all my interests into one blog!

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