On the road again!

July 31, 2014 12:57 AM – Toronto Pearson Airport – at the gate

I suppose it would be more accurate to say in the sky again.

My next adventure has started. I am just waiting for boarding to be called. The gate is amazing. Tables with iPads are everywhere. They have done a good job refurbishing this old terminal though I don't remember seeing the other gates set up the way the ones are for Cathay Pacific.


Somewhere over the Bering Sea

So far the flight has been good. We have had a bit of bumpy weather now and then but all told good. We are 6 hours and 24 minutes from Hong Kong. It is 10:16 AM back in Canada and the exact opposite in Hong Kong.

The cabin has been dark for hours as people settled into sleep after a decent supper. We were all given a menu card to let us know what was available for supper and breakfast. I chuckled as I read the card because congee is on the menu for breakfast. Yes, I am heading back to Asia. To emphasis that I just order the cup of soup noodles that are available during the flight. I am hungry now that I am awake again.

I haven't watched any tv on the flight except one episode of Big Bang Theory. I read a little bit but my eyes were so heavy I couldn't concentrate. More later my snack is here.

Just flying over Beijing

For eight years that meant the end of my journey. This time it means three hours to the end of my journey. When I flew out of Beijing 2 years and one month ago I was convinced I was making my last long haul flight and I rejoiced. Interesting how life works.


August 1, 2014 – 5:55 AM. In taxi in Hong Kong

I forgot that they drive on the opposite side of the road here. Always a bit of a shock.

Dawn has just broken though the sky seems to be overcast. It is already hot and so humid. Don't know what the day is going to bring forth. I am always surprised when I come to Hong Kong seeing the hills and mountains.

August 2 5:05 AM

After spending time with Lydia she left for work. I had a few things planned I wanted to do but that all changed once I took a wonderful shower, had a bit of snack and a Tim Tam. Bed started calling and so about 9:30 I crawled in and slept until 7:00 PM with only one potty break. I got up to wait for Lydia but fell asleep on the couch and so went back to bed about 9:30 and just woke up. Hopefully, I am basically ok for the day.

Got an email from the school in Hanoi telling me the arrangements to pick me up at the airport and deliver me to the hotel. The possible landlord also sent me an email saying he would check to see who had moved out, cleaned the apts and then send me pictures.

It is true! I am back in Asia.

More later.


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