Christmas in Cambodia

It was a very quiet and different Christmas. I am glad I returned to Siem Reap and I am glad I returned home early. I decided to only visit the temples I had not been to four years ago. That meant a long tuk tuk drive of about 30 km to see Bantray Srey, a beautiful temple with intricate carvings. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Christmas Day, I had a lovely lunch at Mollie Malone's Irish Pub with turkey, dressing, delicious gravy and two kinds of potatoes in the Irish tradition. The treat to myself was a long afternoon of massage with my favourite massage therapist. Then back to the Jasmine Lodge for a short nap and a lovely afternoon and early evening of watching Harrison Ford in all the Indiana Jones movies.

Once Christmas was over I decided I wanted to go home so made a change in my reservations and flew home on the 27th. An excellent decision!!!! This Christmas was different as we all adjust to the loss of Rachel. I find that my way of coping with the grief is to draw into myself. I am happy cocooning myself right now.



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