Friday morning in Hanoi

It is 7:15 am on a very rainy and windy Friday morning as I begin my taxi ride to school. I really must remember to but an umbrella. I bought a rain poncho in Canada as I figured, correctly, I would not be able to get one in my size in Asia. While I have it stuffed in my bag I have difficult with the concept of covering myself with plastic and then getting into an air conditioned taxi.

I love watching the people on motorbikes in the morning but especially when it is raining. Everyone is covered with a rain poncho in a variety of colours, types of materials and occasionally advertising. Some people choose to wear their hoods over their helmets while others do the opposite”

What is very interesting are the different shapes under the ponchos, Children very seldom have their own rain gear or a helmet. They seem comfortable as they snuggle under the large one not knowing where they are going but trusting they will get there.

The day was starting off well until we turned on the street where I worked and I reached into my bag to get my wallet and I couldn't find it. I quickly realized that it was sitting on my sofa at home. Now what do I do? Well, I was able to borrow the cab fare from one of our security guards who was there to cover me with an umbrella and then I borrow money from a teacher to pay the kind guard. She also gave me money to get home.

All in all, not a bad start to a Friday morning.


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